Where did 2015 go?

Wow. Where did the year go?

I confess I’m a bit embarrassed that I have not entered a blog entry for a WHOLE YEAR….geez…but no point in dwelling on that. My hope is to make time to contribute on a more regular basis so that I stay connected to all of you who have supported my musical endeavors and encouraged me over the years…
In looking over last December’s post, I can see that much of what was written last year could be repeated this year…seasonal blues, aches and pains of aging, navigating the waters of academia in a ’non-traditional’ program…you know, LIFE.
I have a song list of titles for my next record and almost half of the song ideas have been completed…but finding time to labor with pen and paper and instrument to complete the rest continues to be challenging. My songwriting ‘juices’ were charged a bit when I had an opportunity in early December to perform at the 26th annual Evening in December show to benefit Daystar Counseling Ministries and to do back to back shows with my Women in the Round friends Ashley Cleveland, Karen Staley, and Beth Nielsen Chapman at the Bluebird Cafe. With the popularity of the TV show, “Nashville,” the audience is 90% tourists and out-of-towners, but I was able to squeeze in a few old friends for a night of music and merriment in that sacred little space. It was particularly great to see the founder Amy Kurland, who kept many a songwriter alive there during some lean years.

Backing up a bit in the 2015 calendar, I did have a most amazing trip back in late spring with some DMI students and faculty to Perm State University in eastern Russia. Delta State has a partnership with Perm State, and we took our DMI ‘crew’ over to facilitate a DMI summer camp experience for some of their students. The program was called “Rivers of Music – Rivers of Culture” and was funded through a U.S. Department of State Peer-to-Peer cultural exchange grant. On our return to the US, we were able to spend a couple of days in Moscow…as a child of the ‘cold war’ era, the visit to Moscow was very though provoking…it is a beautiful city. If you’d like an overview of the year long grant program, visit www.deltastate.edu/russia for blog posts and photos by our exceptional campus photographer, Rory Doyle.

St. Basil's Cathedral in Red Square

St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square

 In the fall of 2014, I said goodbye to my old pal, Moses, and spent a year with no four-legged friend. But this past fall, a new feline friend came to the Big Front Porch…her name is Rascal, and she lives up to the name! Nice to hear puuuuurrrrring in the house again:)


 I’m still toying with trying out the online concert idea…would again love your input on that idea. My song list might be ‘oldies but goodies’ until I get some new things written, but connecting that way sounds kind of fun given the amazing possibilities of today’s technology.
 As always, thanks to the Webchyk for making sure this site is up and running.
 Much to look forward to this year…the opening of GRAMMY Museum® Mississippi, in particular. Be sure and make plans to come visit us here in Mississippi…you won’t regret it. And if you’re ‘not from here’ and are trying to figure Mississippi out, treat yourself to a reading of “Dispatches From Pluto” by Richard Grant…a wonderfully objective and entertaining look at some complicated issues here in the Magnolia State.
 I hope and pray for each of you a healthy, happy, productive, and peaceful new year. May you continue to seek the One who is seeking you….
 From the Big Front Porch,

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