Diamond In The Rough

With the baseball pennant games underway, today seemed like the right time to mark the release of a new song I’ve written, “Diamond In The Rough,” which tells the story of legendary player and coach, Dave “Boo” Ferriss, from Shaw, Mississippi. Coach Ferriss passed away in November of 2016, and after his passing I found myself jotting down a few lines based around a ‘diamond in the rough’ idea. He was not a rough man, my any means…in fact, he was quite the Southern gentleman. ‘Rough’ was written as a reference to the Mississippi Delta, the place where Coach Ferriss built and left a lasting legacy, not only on the baseball diamond, but in the hundreds of players’ lives that he touched. The design for the limited edition CD was done by Bryan Rodgers, All-American first basemen for one of the Delta State teams under Coach Ferriss. 

This song will be included on my upcoming full length CD, Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter Eye, scheduled for release in spring of 2018. There are just a few more overdub parts to add before the record is mixed and mastered. The project is a mixture of new songs and a few older ones that I’ve never recorded, plus a cover song that is a particular favorite of mine…I’m pretty pleased with how the whole thing is turning out:) To download the “Diamond In The Rough” single, click this link:


Stay tuned for updates on the recording of Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter Eye….in the meantime, the lyric for “Diamond In The Rough” is below along with a link to Coach Ferriss’ obituary, beautifully written by Rick Cleveland, the ‘Dean of Mississippi Sportswriters:’



In a little ol’ town on the IC line

Not much for a boy to do there to pass the time

You could work in the fields or you could go to school

And every Sunday morning you’d go to church to learn the Golden Rule

He was a diamond in the rough on a field of dreams

He could fire up a wicked fastball split fingers on the seams

The Army called him up for World War II

So he went to do his duty for the red, the white, and the blue

A diamond in the rough on a field of dreams

A giant of a man from modest means

From wind-up to delivery he sure did have the ‘stuff’

He was a diamond in the rough

From the Delta up to Beantown the Boston faithful knew

‘Bout this Mississippi country boy with the nickname ‘Boo’

He’d set ‘em down one by one, this hero from the sticks

And the Red Sox won the pennant back in ‘46

But on a muggy July night he felt his shoulder snap

He lost a little speed and you know the hitters sure liked that

He hung his jersey up and he came back home

Found a soybean field and built a diamond of his own

Then he took some boys from the Delta clay

Taught ‘em the game and a lot about life along the way

How to sacrifice, how to touch ‘em all

How to plant some seeds to leave behind for when you’re gone

Tricia Walker

© 2017 Big Front Porch Music (BMI)

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