Happy New Year from the Big Front Porch

Brrrrrrrr….on this eighth day of Christmas, it’s really cold on the Big Front Porch as the new year opens before us, full of promise and new opportunity… and football. I don’t put too much stock in resolutions anymore, although the start of a new year does allow for some reflection and perhaps a recommitment to those things like a healthier lifestyle, more laughter, deep breathing, and less stress. Once again I am grateful and full of joy that Emmanuel did come, in the flesh, and moved into the neighborhood. O come, let us adore Him…

I was re-reading some journal entries last night and came across some haiku that I had written as part of an Advent retreat last year…thought I’d share:


Morning has broken

Just like the hymn writer sang

And Cat Stevens, too


High noon Delta heat

Smothering from east to west

Fire penetrates bone


Evening light fading

Slipping from living colour

Into the unknown


Brief cosmic chatter

A few words heard far between

Then, at last, silence

I’m excited to tell all you friends and BFP fans that I took the opportunity during last year’s spring break to lock myself in to complete some half-finished song ideas, dig out some old songs that have never been released, and put together a new album project called Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter Eye. Songs and stories from the heart and this place called the South. The bulk of the recording was done at the DMI studios during the late summer, and in the fall, through the magic of technology, files were shared back and forth with some Nashville friends who added some great ‘touches’ to the project. The album is currently in the mixing process and if all goes well, I hope to release it around my birthday (St. Patrick’s Day)….I’m jokingly referring to this project as my ‘Medicare record.’ I’ll be sharing some photos and other fun things related to the project on the BFP site and on social media platforms for your info and entertainment.


Another journal ‘find’ from another retreat…the assignment was to draft steps for being an artist…so here goes….makes sense to me:


Turn off your phone.

Put it away.

Forget about it.

Be still. Be quiet.

Breathe. Listen.

Hear what your muse

Your God is saying.

Pick up your tools

And begin.

Work until you are done.


Have a glass of wine or a root beer.

Get some rest. Give thanks.



There feels like a season of discernment is ahead and I would welcome prayers and good thoughts for hearing that ‘still, small voice.’ Here’s to old and new friends and the ones that left us this past year…and here’s to the year ahead…may it be filled with love and joy and….pax.

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  1. Thanks, Tricia! I’ve always appreciated your words, your wisdom, your friendship. (I particularly enjoyed your 2 references to breathing!!) Can’t wait to hear the new project . . .

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