How I Spent My Summer Vacation

My, how the summer has flown! School is starting up in a few days, and the next thing you know, it’ll be Christmas!

Summers are made for spending time on a place like the Big Front Porch, and in addition to summer camps and a few select music gigs, that’s what I had planned to do this summer, but a little “bump in the road” popped up…seems a shady lookin’ spot on a routine mammogram turned out to be a nasty little tumor that needed to be addressed, so here at the end of summer I have now added (ta da!) breast cancer survivor to my resume`…God is GOOD.


I had the great blessing to be able to stay at Harrah’s Hope Lodge in Memphis during my treatment…a wonderful opportunity that no doubt that saved my low back, ‘cause as much as I love making that drive up and down highway 61 between Cleveland and Memphis, having to make it every day for a month would have done me in!

The experience of the past month seemed like a combination of moving into a freshmen dorm, going to summer camp, and retreating at a monastery. It was a reminder that folks all over are fighting tough battles everyday, but there is still a great measure of goodness and kindness in the world. Of the patients and caregivers I met during my stay, I will particularly remember Sameh from Egypt, who has been at the lodge for over 4 months with his wife while his only son, Karim, battles leukemia. Met several Delta folks, too, while I was there, and they all commented on my Fighting Okra shirt:) I also got some time in to brush up on my mandolin skills…

I was visited by Ya Yas, a contingent of the Delta 7, and old friends from Nashville…we all sat on the Big Front Porch (figuratively), shared some belly laughs, enjoyed the precious bonds of friendship, and seized the day.

As for timing, I suppose summer vacation was the best time to deal with this ‘bump in the road,’ but now it’s time to go full speed ahead. I have a new record (Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter Eye) that’s almost mixed and ready for release (more on that soon)!

I hope your summer vacation was filled with things that make you happy…family, friends, mountains, beaches, music, food, and joie de vivre. Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers…Come join me on the Porch sometime and share your summer stories…I’ve got some catching up to do! 

All shall be well….pax, Tricia

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  1. So glad you were able to get on top of that cancer and beat it. I too am a cancer survived. Gives you a little more appreciation for the blessings of each friend, the blessing of a beautiful world to enjoy and the blessing of good friends. Blessings to you Trish. Wish I was close enough that we could visit and reminisce from time to time.

  2. Tricia, would love to spend some time talking with you. I, too, have experienced that “bump in the road” and if anything, it has given me more than it’s taken away! Love your attitude and outlook on life—we think alike!

  3. Dear Friend,
    You remain a beacon of light, a shining star, what’s right in this world. I revel in the fact that this was a good news report. Your faith, hope, and love are exemplary. ( The best of these is ….) When i think of what is good in the world, I think of you. I am thrilled that this was a good report. I know. I just said that. That’s how much I’m thrilled. The senior staff at DMI ran into a couple of obstacles this summer and addressed them with Okra spirit. I hope reports continue to be what you want to hear. Im waiting anxiously on your new record.
    We love you.
    Fish ????and the Tennessee Michies

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