Hello, good friends and neighbors 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the Big Front Porch…glad to be back!

It was a really busy academic year, and we finally reached the end of it a couple of weeks ago. Great feeling to watch young, hopeful students take their next step into this wide world. It’s also nice to have a momentary lull before all of the summer events kick in, but I wanted to come to you and ask for your advice as summer gears up…

I am bound and determined to carve out time this summer to try and finish five or six six songs for what will become a new recording.  It’s also time to do a redesign and relaunch of the Big Front Porch website, and this is where I’d like to ask for your input.

So much has changed out there in cyberspace over the past ten years… I work quite a bit with students encouraging them to promote and market their music careers with the tools of the internet, and if I was where I was 25 years ago I would redo my website in much the way I’m advising them to now. But my roles and reasons seem different now in this chapter of music and stories and teaching…

So my question for you all is what kinds of things/info would you like to see on the Big Front Porch website? Songs? Stories? Songwriting information? Old demos? Places I’ve been?  Mississippi connections? Eccentric characters? My music will still be available from the site, although I’d like to know your thoughts about buying physical CDs vs. streaming/downloads. Oh, and I’ll be reaching out to ‘clean up’ my email lists and social media sites…so bear with me:) Online concerts are something I would really like to try… I know it’s not the same as physically being in the same room with you good people out there, but with the amazing technology available today, I could do a house concert from my house to your house in real time. Things to think about…

Certainly is the season for being on the Big Front Porch right now… the seemingly never ending fields have been planted, and it’s that rare and wonderful time in the Delta before all the mosquitoes come out and the temperature skies upward. Once again, God is teaching lessons through His creation…this beautiful green earth.

Took a little Sunday Delta road trip this afternoon…the translation is “God willing”….amen:)




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  • Kris Bergstrom

    Hi, Tricia.

    I thought of you today as I listened to an NPR story about Guy Clark. I remember (what seems like a l-o-n-g time ago) you talking about his craft and influence.

    So grateful to learn you’ll continue your writing this summer.