He is risen...

He is risen indeed! The traditional call and response of Easter….

In one of the readings of this past week from the Gospel of John, a phrase appeared that I had not noticed before….

“At the place where Jesus was crucified, there was a garden…”____John 19:41

I know about the new tomb…but ‘there was a garden’ posed a new thought for me…What kind of garden? Olive trees? Fig trees? Flowers? Could He see it from the cross? Could He smell any spring fragrances above the smell of sweat and blood? I have been pondering this throughout the week as I look out into my own backyard and the beautiful yards and gardens of our town. If He could see and smell the garden from the cross, I’m hopeful that it provided a moment of beauty for Jesus in what were moments of profound pain and loss. The verse from John’s gospel seems to suggest ‘full circle’ from the garden of Eden to the cross towards a paradise to come.  Again God’s promise of new life is visible all around us…may we have eyes to see:)



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