Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter Eye


Recorded at Fighting Okra Studios – Cleveland, MS
Additional recording – Pruitt Hill Studios, JukeTonk Studios, and East Nashville Resort & Spa
Recorded by Travis Calvin
Assisted by Justin Boatman
Mixed by Miles Fulwider
Mastered by Mike Picotte
String Arrangement on “Wisty’s Memories” by Alice Hasen
Cover art – “Crossroads” © Nan Long Sanders
All songs © Big Front Porch Music (BMI), except for “Visions of Plenty” (Big Front Porch Music/Large River Music) and “Louisiana 1927” (Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Co.)

© 2019 Big Front Porch Productions. All rights reserved.


The Money’s Good
During almost all of my Nashville years, the Shoney’s restaurant on Demonbreun Street was a central location near Music Row where songwriters could afford to eat and hang out while trying to figure out the music business. On a late night dessert run, I had a chance encounter with the main character in this song…

Wisty’s Memories
When I used to vacation in the Florida panhandle, I would usually rent a beach house from an elderly lady whose first name was Wisty. Looking back to that time, I think I’m as old now as she was then. Funny how a song’s meaning can morph with time…

Let Me Get My Purse
Sometimes a familiar phrase can ‘hit’ a writer in a “you better write this down” sort of way. I heard a friend of mine casually toss this declaration out at the end of a conversation, and by the time I made the drive from Jackson back to the Delta, I had almost the entire song recorded in my phone. Thanks, Carol…

I’m Outta This Town
When I wrote this song, I felt like it represented some type of ‘benediction’ to my time in Nashville…a bittersweet blessing, knowing subconsciously it was almost time to go…

In Way Over My Head
The first lyrics for this song started finding their way to paper in November of 2005….a little over two months after Katrina devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the levees broke and flooded parts of New Orleans. So many writers were composing songs about the hurricane and its destruction…just trying to make sense of it all…for me, one of the most heartbreaking stories that came out of the chaos was that of St. Rita’s…so I fictionalized a character and told her story…

Between The Lines
Sometimes the real meaning of language lies somewhere between the words…in that ‘third’ dimension…the character in this song grew out of a former student who left home in search of himself and the truth…

Visions of Plenty
I wrote this song (1995) with my friend and fellow Mississippian, Kate Campbell, at a time when the the casino industry was growing in Tunica County. It was the title track to one of her earlier albums, and I thought now that the industry is about 25 years old and showing some signs of wear and tear, I would do a version for this record.

Parable (Sheeps and Goats)
Matthew 25: 31-46

Get Back Home
I started this idea on a return train trip to the Delta from the Big Easy on the City of New Orleans…trains are a great place for people watching…and trying to get where you’re going, both practically and metaphorically…

Everybody Hollerin’ Goat
Otha Turner of Gravel Springs, Mississippi, was one of the last direct connections from the African fife and drum tradition to the 20th century…his granddaughter, Sharde`, was blessed and charged with carrying on the ancient tones…

Diamond In The Rough
Dave “Boo” Ferriss…a lived well-lived…his legacy runs deep throughout the entire State of Mississippi and beyond…if you don’t know who he is, look him up…loved and revered by Delta State, Mississippi State University, the Boston Red Sox, and the hundreds of men whose lives he touched.

Louisiana 1927 (R. Newman)
I was always captured by the beautiful sadness of the melody of this Randy Newman song, but even more moved by the song’s lyric, which seems to lament not only the power and devastation wrought by the great river, but is a reminder of the political maneuverings surrounding the attempted management of the natural tragedy that was the Great Flood of 1927.