O Come, O Come, Emmanuel...

Hello, friends…I hope you and all those you love are preparing for the coming of Christ again into our midst…into this world of beauty and sorrow, status quo and chaos, questions and answers, love and fear, hope and hopelessness. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel…

Crosstie Walking Trail at Christmas – Cleveland, MS

It has been a busy year on the Big Front Porch…trips to Los Angeles, Michigan, Nashville, and more…the work at DMI fills most of my days (and nights), and the program is now over 100 majors and continuing to grow. If you’re not familiar with the program, here’s a link: www.deltastate.edu/dmi. I’ve been able to do a few performances with the Women in the Round, and that is always a treat. I’m working to find/make the time to finish 2-3 songs in preparation for a new recording…more songs and stories about my dear Mississippi and the South.

I’m working on a redesign of the Big Front Porch website which I hope to launch in early 2017. Stay tuned…

This past spring, on the first Sunday after Easter, our ‘last mother,’ the Matriarch, Mrs. Eleanor Corban, left this earth to go home to God. What a witness she was in this life…what a legacy she leaves her family and all who knew her. This Christmas will be tender without her here. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel…

My health is good, even as my ‘mechanics’ (knees, shoulders, etc.) continue to wear out a bit. I continue to be humbled and amazed by the circle of friends here that have ‘taken me in’ to their love and care. I have two feline friends, Rascal and Skeeter, who keep things interesting at home. My sister is comfortably ‘in the woods’ in the old Kingston community near Natchez. There is so much I have to be grateful for. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel…

In my heart and spirit, I feel drawn more and more to pray and to seek ways to serve the local community as opposed to wringing my hands over larger national issues that I cannot directly influence. But as a follower of Jesus, it is my intent to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God” in the years ahead. As a songwriter, it is my job to put words and music together to try and move the hearts and souls of listeners. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel…

Holy Family Catholic Church – Natchez, MS

Before the election, I intentionally disconnected from social media in order to ‘quiet the noise’ and rethink my time and my reasons for connecting, but I do ‘sneak in’ on occasions to look at messages and news. I’ll be back sometime in 2017…please be sure and connect to the Big Front Porch Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bigfrontporch.

Here’s a Christmas song that was shared with me recently that I really like…I think I’ll add it to my Christmas repertoire next year:)


I don’t care if the house is packed or the strings of light are broken

I don’t care if the gifts are wrapped or there’s nothing here to open

Love is not a toy, and no paper will conceal it

Love is simply joy that I’m home

I don’t care if the carpet’s stained we’ve got food upon our table

I don’t care if it’s gonna rain, our little room is warm and stable

Love is who we are, and no season can contain it

Love would never fall for that

We sing oo



Let love lead us, love is Christmas

Why so scared that you’ll mess it up? When perfection keeps you haunted

All we need is your best my love, that’s all anyone ever wanted

Love is how we do, let no judgment overrule it

Love I look to you, and I sing

Let love lead us, love is Christmas

Let love lead us, love is Christmas

Songwriters: BAREILLES, SARA

Love Is Christmas lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

May your holidays be filled with joy and peace and good will. Here’s to more ‘loving our neighbors as ourselves’ and to more random acts of kindness in our communities….O Come, O Come, Emmanuel…

Rascal and Skeeter

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