I grew up listening to my parents’ big band records featuring great singers,and since then,I’ve always wanted to put together a collection of songs with a smooth,”torch” sound of my own. This collection of songs came together after an “in the round” performance at the Bluebird Cafe one night with Michael Johnson,Ellen Britton,Don Potter,and myself. The songs we sang that night seemed to fit together pretty well,so I gathered some of my favorite musicians,booked a great engineer,went into the studio,and made this recording. I hope you find as much enjoyment in listening to it as I did in making it.

I Met An Angel
I’ll Do The Best With What I’ve Got
We Fell in Love Anyway
Eighth Wonder of the World
Distant Fire
Take Me To Heart
I Never Meant to Fall in Love Like This
Empty Hearts
He’s Not You
Me and New Orleans

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